Barenesses [noun]

Definition of Barenesses:

state of being unclothed

Synonyms of Barenesses:

Opposite/Antonyms of Barenesses:

Sentence/Example of Barenesses:

So rather than drop their leaves later as temperatures increase, deciduous species will actually go bare earlier in the season.

She realized she was in a pair of shorts, and her webcam was picking up — and recording — seconds of her bare legs that could be seen by her older male professor.

If your coat of paint peels, too, your remaining option would be to start fresh with bare wood.

The algal partner in a lichen can’t make a living on bare rock without striking up a relationship with a fungus.

The officers’ colleagues responded by pulling back on the job, doing only the bare minimum in the following weeks.

It was May and the keen light raked her room, laying its bareness still more bare.

The resignation of this man, the terrible bareness of his obscure existence, oppressed me.

He respects truth to such a degree that he offers it to his readers in its disconcerting bareness.

Before the curtains of history lifted, one feels the world was like this—this Celtic bareness and sombreness and air.

She had never been in Winn's room before, and as she sat down to wait for him her eyes took in its neat impressive bareness.