Barer [adjective]

Definition of Barer:

without clothing

Synonyms of Barer:

Opposite/Antonyms of Barer:

Sentence/Example of Barer:

If you can’t touch the ground with your bare hand or step on it with bare feet, it’ll hurt your pet, Perry and Mynchenberg both say.

Covid-19 is intensifying technonationalist tendencies in part by laying bare the differences between countries that are handling the pandemic well and those that aren’t.

It found that neck gaiters made out of a polyester spandex material allowed more droplets of liquid to pass through when the wearer was speaking than any other type of face covering—and even bare lips.

In the future, you can see a lot of students going straight for the bare essentials.

Some good preparation for bare-knuckle New York City politics.

If you’ve seen a wind farm in action, you know modern wind turbines are pretty awe-inspiring—hulking giants all in a row, massive blades turning in the barest breeze.

The main goal was to use machine learning or other AI methods to detect seizures as early as possible, while utilizing the bare minimum of EEG channels.

Eggs and nestlings were found lying on the bare soil at the inner ends of the burrows; no nesting material was found.

Sometimes the stems are quite bare; on other occasions they are partly branched; in any case the branches are short.

She thrust a bare, white arm from the curtain which shielded her open door, and received the cup from his hands.