Barest [adjective]

Definition of Barest:

without clothing

Synonyms of Barest:

Opposite/Antonyms of Barest:

Sentence/Example of Barest:

Robert is very well in a way, to give up all the money he can earn to the family, and keep the barest pittance for himself.

The light that came through the machine's iris was faint at first, the barest glimmer of white in deep darkness.

In fine weather there is always a charm about the seaside, even on the barest and least picturesque coast.

They existed for the barest fraction of a second, then vanished.

But the barest prudence told him that he should make haste for the open.

For twenty years he had not lived in a house, slept in a bed, or owned anything beyond the barest necessities.

Lastly, the load was cut down to a minimum by the elimination of all but the barest necessities.

The world lay in clearest, barest, coldest light, its hopeless deceit and its misery all revealed!

In the down-town laundries, where the wage scale runs lower, the amount is usually inadequate for the barest need.

Told as briefly as possible and to the barest outline, this is the history of Lincoln.