Barfing [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Barfing:

Ise gwine tuh give him a reglar barf an cure up dem sore feetses ob his.

Barf Latrigg was sixty then, turning a bit gray, but able to shear with any man they could put against him.

Yes, yes; Barf is as happy as a boy now, but I remember when he was back-set and fore-set with trouble.

Tell Barf Latrigg it is the sheep, and he will understand: he was always one to put the dumb creatures first.

Barf's married daughters had their portions long ago, but he left each of them three hundred pounds as a good-will token.

Barf had lost his sight when I got there; but he knew my voice, and he asked me to lay my face against his face.

Charlotte, I have been coming to Barf Latrigg's shearings for about half a century.

"I ain't had a barf since Gravesend," said Dickie, and flushed at the indiscretion.