Bargainings [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Bargainings:

Here and there you could see brown men robed in white sitting near these mountains of fruit, bargaining about the prices.

Chicot was bargaining for some horses, when he saw the monk reappear, carrying the saddles and bridles of the mules.

A sort of Oriental bargaining takes place, the seller asking twice as much as the object is worth and he intends to take.

The City being the centre of London had a certain amount of trading and bargaining from the earliest times.

How long the process of bargaining might have been protracted is uncertain.

There were some criticisms of detail, but the passing of the bill was only a matter of bargaining.

Thorn in great triumph admitted them to the ship, the furs were brought on deck, and bargaining began.

One old chief was especially persistent and offensive in his bargaining for a high price.

But this old lady was prepared, long before the bargaining stage had set in, to knock off fifty per cent.

The result was that every sale involved prolonged bargaining and heated argument.