Bargains [noun]

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Of course, some of those bargains have proven controversial.

After all, just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it’s a bargain.

Over the past 13 years, the glamour category has been handily beating unlovely value, the longest period in history for which what’s supposed to be the market’s bargain basement has lagged.

In less-expensive cities, these prices aren’t such a bargain, and in many places they’d be considered downright outrageous.

Livio’s account of this well-known story is enhanced by insights drawn from more recent scholarship, including the discovery in 1998 of a letter written during the trial suggesting that a plea bargain might have been considered.

At the same time, many potential acquirers are currently hunting for bargains.

The promoters went his security and put up the cash into the bargain, and he went back to the publishing house victorious.

Keen and canny, they drive a close bargain but, scrupulous and conscientious, fulfil it faithfully.

He would haggle in a bargain for a shilling, and economize in things beneath a wise man's notice or consideration.

The Midland were anxious to buy and the Ennis were willing to sell, but Parliament alone could legalise the bargain.