Barged [verb]

Definition of Barged:

leap, spring

Synonyms of Barged:

Opposite/Antonyms of Barged:

Sentence/Example of Barged:

He blistered Arbuthnot with abuse, swung from the newspaper office, and barged mightily down Fleet Street, a disturber of traffic.

Turning to the swing door she barged through with a high head and fire of determination illuminating her face.

The officer stared at him as Stan turned and barged out of the little office where the Navy had left him.

He barged into one of the bicycles, clumsy thing, and then came to tell us that we oughtn't to leave them there in people's way.

When he reached the front door he just grabbed hold of the knob, twisted it, shoved open the door and barged right inside.

We were only protecting ourselves against this wild man who barged in here.

He wasn't accustomed to taking orders from some joker that barged in and shot an unauthorized landing.

They barged into the quarters of the flight officers and looked around.

Stan barged into the room and reported as a part of Moon Flight.

The leader of the Brontosaurus herd trumpeted madly and barged for the higher ground of safety.