Bargellos [noun]

Definition of Bargellos:

fancy stitching

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Sentence/Example of Bargellos:

On the pedestal you may see the deliverance of Andromeda; but the finest of these reliefs has been taken to the Bargello.

In the other are Giotto's frescoes revealed from under the whitewash by which they were long covered, like those in the Bargello.

This is now in the Bargello, having been replaced by a cast.

You may see the two panels they made in the Bargello side by side on the wall.

The original relief from the foot of the pedestal—Perseus and Andromeda—is in the Bargello, and replaced by a cast.

The pedestal (with the exception of the bas-relief in front, of which the original is in the Bargello) is also Cellini's.

His handsome sensual features to some extent recall those of the victorious youth in the allegory in the Bargello.

The stout walls and lofty tower of the Bargello had sprung into beauteous being.

Now in the National Museum (Bargello) of that city, while a bronze copy occupies its place in front of the palace.

Therefore Tito had felt easier when he knew that the Eight had gone to the Bargello to order the instant erection of the scaffold.