Barges [noun]

Definition of Barges:

large work boat

Synonyms of Barges:

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Sentence/Example of Barges:

The initial models have been small, but the concept calls for much larger barges floating in the Chesapeake in the years ahead, which experts say could have a big effect on the aquaculture industry.

That’s why tubers, kayakers, and canoeists stop at this river barge, just north of Trenton, that serves hot dogs and burgers to those drifting by.

The contractor could use barges in the river, rather than more of the island, to store construction materials and equipment, Brookman said.

Using construction cranes and barges, workers removed the old draw section and its rusted machinery, and replaced it with a new non-opening segment.

Choices range from speedy, lightweight e-commuters to ponderous kid-hauling land barges called cargo bikes.

From this child's arm matter was taken and transferred to that of J. Barge, a boy of seven years old.

One day, Kari and Kopee and I went to the river bank to help pull a big barge up the river.

The rope almost broke and the barge swayed in the water, almost toppled, and then drifted to its previous position.

After he had pulled the barge about two hundred yards he stopped; the rope slackened and then the current pulled against us.

That done we went to the Globe and there had a good dinner, and by and by took barge again and so home.