Barging [verb]

Definition of Barging:

leap, spring

Synonyms of Barging:

Opposite/Antonyms of Barging:

Sentence/Example of Barging:

I really shouldn't have come barging in here like this without explaining myself first.

Those Martians were gonna wish they'd come visitin' polite instead of barging in like they owned the world!

I made the third floor and Marian's cell in slightly more than nothing flat, but she was ready when I came barging into her room.

Three sailors swung by, barging through the crowd with that curious roll so common to men of the sea.

There was a heavy crowd upon the platform, and two men barging up out of it saluted the old man boisterously by the name of Jack.

Barging into a line of traffic, it spun unsteadily on two wheels and crashed into an ancient car in which two men were riding.

Nor did he stumble blindly over stones and boulders, or go barging into bushes in his path.

"You don't have to come barging in here with an armed squad just to ask my co-operation," McLeod said.

“I guess you think we have our nerve barging in like this,” he added.

While you were barging around caves, I was making change at the bank.