Baring [verb]

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But I'll be hanged if I can see myself baring my breast for poisoned arrows, with a seraphic smile on my lips, over here!

In order to raise the revenue, Mr. Baring proposed to deal with the two articles, timber and sugar.

Laura put it on, baring her white neck and shoulders, and turned for Nina to "fasten her up the back."

"My friends," said Grace, baring his head, and raising a feminine hand.

They used to go over the old Baring Cross Bridge and had to pay for it.

Mr. Baring-Gould says that Brychan lived in the fifth century, and that Morwenna was probably his grand-daughter.

Mr. Baring-Gould evidently uses the word piscina as meaning the whole recess beside the altar.

He says nothing of any discovery under the pavement, and Mr. Baring-Gould does not give his authority for this statement.

The men were about the fire in the great drawing-room, one little girl just slipping out, the future wife of Henry Baring.

I do not know how many years Madam Baring, the mother of the great banker, has been dead.