Barkers [noun]

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From that date until Barker left France, Pschard collaborated with him, reaping no pecuniary benefit therefrom.

He commenced to experiment in electro-pneumatics in the year 1860, and early in 1861 communicated his discoveries to Mr. Barker.

She seemed to consider it necessary to steady him upon the stool while he acted as “barker.”

In 1898 the organ was thoroughly rebuilt with tubular pneumatic action in place of the Barker levers.

The action is Cavaill-Coll's latest improvement on the Barker pneumatic lever.

He smiled, and Barker, who had recovered his composure in the doctor's presence, bowed silently and went out.

It seems, however, that he came in about a quarter-past nine, and sent Barker on a message to Waterloo Station.

Now, according to Barker's story, his master arrived home early in the afternoon, and sent him out on a message to Richmond.

He had proved beyond all doubt that she had been to his rooms that afternoon during Barker's absence.

"Barker has very cleverly concealed some important fact," replied the keen-faced man who controlled that section of Scotland Yard.