Barleys [noun]

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Little Rye was sown, but that little is very good; Barley is suffering from the stormy weather, but is quite thrifty.

It is produced during the malting process, and is not found in the unmalted barley.

And greenish among the stubble, upon a spear of blond barley, with a double row of seeds, I saw a prègo-diéu.

Ike Martin, the storekeeper, had onions already sprouted in his little garden-patch, and he had sown some barley.

And the means they employ to spirit up these creations are not dissimilar to those in use by Mr. Barley.

The wheat is certainly not so heavy as that in England, but the barley is not inferior to any barley in the world.

The wheat was not very heavy, it resembled barley rather than wheat; the average crop about sixteen English bushels.

Sweet potatoes were already roasting in the ashes, and a tin pot of barley coffee was steaming on the coals.

Barley was not much used, for it was thought to lack nutriment, and therefore to be unfit for laborers.

The barley crop, too, in many places, exhibits the effect of a powerful blight.