Barms [noun]

Definition of Barms:

globule of air

Synonyms of Barms:

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Sentence/Example of Barms:

And then you may work it with barm if you please; but it is most commended without.

When it is cold, set it together with some barm, as you do Beer.

When it is cold, put a little barm to it, and let it work like Beer.

Then Tun it up, and put Barm to it, that it may ferment well.

The yeast added to the worts as a ferment, ought to be the best top barm of the London porter breweries.

After the mixture cools to the temperature of 54° F., add to it about two quarts of beer barm, stirring the whole well together.

We must now add for each pound of the mingled meals, a quarter of an ounce of beer barm.

It is difficult to prepare an artificial yeast without barm.

Farther on thou shalt find two he-goats fighting together mightily, to them give barm-cakes to eat and pass on.

If you will have it to drink presently, take the whites of two or three Eggs, of barm a spoonful, and as much of Wheaten-flower.