Barnacles [noun]

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The Barnacle is always upside down in its home, and its twelve feathery legs are thrust out of the door at the top.

Those which come into contact with sea water will be treated with a barnacle-proof preparation.

Here are to be found every species known to the Eastern states, except the barnacle brant of the Atlantic.

They resemble the barnacle brant of the Atlantic (Branta barnicla) except in the shape of the head and bill.

And that is the way the old sea-barnacle spent his declining years, dying at the tropic isle on July 16th, 1732.

Huxley describes the barnacle as a crustacean fixed by its head and kicking food into its mouth with its legs.

A barnacle is simply a kind of crab enclosed in a triangular shell, and attached by a fleshy stalk to fixed objects.

This is a fairly abundant goose barnacle, found in holdfasts of kelp and occasionally on driftwood and floating objects.

In the common shore goose-neck barnacle Mitella, ova and segmentation stages were found during the summer.

His "Manual of the Cirrhipedia" (as the barnacle book was called) secured the attention of systematic zologists.