Barnyards [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Barnyards:

He is even more full of mischief than Brownie and loves to run after all the other animals in the barnyard.

Jehosophat, Marmaduke, and Hepzebiah do not like one barnyard neighbour very much.

Tomorrow night, if you are good all day, we will tell you about the rest of the barnyard friends of the three happy children.

So they romped away to the barnyard to chase the frightened White Wyandottes.

When she reached the barnyard gate Dic was hitching the horses to the "big wagon."

When I go to the barnyard after night I can hear her grunting rhythmically under about four feet of straw.

As a matter of fact, she no sooner got access to the barnyard than she deserted the pigpen altogether.

But there have been no evil effects, and when I go to the barnyard she gets under my feet and grunts with friendly impudence.

I am afraid it must have been a rather cold bath, for there is still ice in the bottom of all the puddles around the barnyard.

Tender-hearted people appear to be shocked by my references to kicking her out of the way when passing through the barnyard.