Barometrical [adjective]

Definition of Barometrical:

of or in the atmosphere

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Sentence/Example of Barometrical:

The wind was then blowing from the south-west in the mild degree which in barometrical language is ranked “No. 2: light breeze.”

At the two last-mentioned places I made no barometrical observations.

But we do not propose to give more than a mere indication of the principles which govern compensation Barometrical error.

Orson Pratt took a barometrical observation on the solitary cedar tree on the top of the bluff ruins.

In this interval I paid a short visit to St. Paul's, for the purpose of making barometrical observations.

The highest spot is but a few yards wide, and by barometrical measurement is 2,280 feet above the sea.

This writer had actually interviewed a member of the staff of that institution who amused himself by noting barometrical vagaries.

We now proceed to Sennan Church-town, which according to barometrical admeasurement is 391 feet above the level of the sea.

Fortunately, our other journals contained duplicates of the most important barometrical observations.

The wind being steady at south accounted for the unusual height of the barometrical column, which rose to 30.600.