Baronets [noun]

Definition of Baronets:

man of noble birth

Synonyms of Baronets:

Opposite/Antonyms of Baronets:

Sentence/Example of Baronets:

Needless to say, the Worcestershire baronet had returned to his ancestral acres a sadder but a wiser man.

A baronet scientifically skilled in pugilism, enjoyed no pleasure so much as giving gratuitous instructions in his favorite art.

The Baronet made three hundred a year out of this coach, and got his sport out of it for nothing.

The baronet saw that Richard, half-fuddled, was ripe for any confidences that might aim at the destruction of his enemy.

The right honourable baronet prefaced his motion by a speech of two hours' duration.

On the day named the right honourable baronet introduced this resolution with a speech of considerable length and ability.

The total diminution of revenues occasioned by the reductions was estimated by the right honourable baronet at about 270,000.

Mr. Labouchere said that he had heard the speech of the right honourable baronet with great pleasure.

A "baronet," you must know, is a higher title than a "knight," though they both use the handle of "Sir" to their names.

The right honourable baronet should be held responsible individually: the electoral body would compel him to do them justice.