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The 2015 movie “Spotlight,” which won the Oscar for best picture, dramatized the Globe’s investigation of the Catholic Church’s child sexual-abuse scandal, with Baron a key heroic figure portrayed by actor Liev Schreiber.

As the editor of the Globe, starting in 2001, Baron emphasized regional investigative reporting, culminating with the newspaper’s reporting on the Catholic Church’s coverup of allegations against abusive priests.

As is the case with so much else in Silicon Valley, this new class of media barons appears to want the money and the glory, but not the responsibility that comes with disrupting, and increasingly dominating, entire industries.

The event will cap off the committee’s year-long investigation into whether Congress should reanimate antitrust laws born in the Gilded Age and apply them to the barons of the 21st century digital economy.

“This house must have been the hotel of some distinguished family, Baron; it is nobly proportioned,” said David Arden.

Monsieur,” growls the baron, “stone walls have ears, you say if only they had tongues; what tales these could tell!

It was true that his sight had grown accustomed to the obscurity, for he could now see the baron's features much more distinctly.

The baron turned full upon him, and leaned his shoulders against the iron door of the recess.

“But this is not a case of attending a patient, Baron,” said David Arden, a little haughtily.

He was created baron Tilbury by Charles I for meritorious services.