Barouches [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Barouches:

A grand barouche and pair dashes up to your door, probably with a ducal coronet on the panels.

The lady was seen in the barouche but once, enveloped in a voluminous yellow mantle, the hood of which was drawn over her face.

A mile and a half out from the city, Major Stevens met a barouche and five men mounted bearing a white flag.

Glancing carelessly up, he saw his own blue liveries and his mother leaning back in a barouche.

They had a two-horse barouche, which would seem to have been preserved out of their earlier fortunes.

Two travellers, in a hired barouche, were slowly dragged by a pair of jaded posters along the commons I have just described.

With that Mr. Sharp jumped into the barouche, and bade the postboy drive on as fast as he could.

On the right of the barouche sat an elderly lady, with grey hair piled high under a very small black hat.

One carriage only was driving by, a barouche occupied by an elderly lady and three foreign-looking men.

Sir John sends me word his barouche will be at the door in ten minutes, and I have to hurry on my travelling dress.