Barrack [noun]

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And the man who had done all this—a vulgar upstart out of Paris, reeking of leather and the barrack-room still lived!

He chartered an outside car, t'other day, at Island Bridge Barrack, and drove to the post-office.

At the very end of the period we may note the beginning of a reaction against the "barrack schools."

A large barrack was in course of erection near the town on the north side.

The scene through the opposite window looking on to the barrack yard was very different from the rather sombre picture without.

At last, in a remote corner of the barrack buildings, someone discovered a major who was in charge of the Intelligence Department.

The professors might marry, but in that case they could not live in the precincts of what was virtually a military barrack.

This word of formidable memory means merely rotten-heads, and is barrack slang for a civilian mob.

The troops were landed, and there being no barrack accommodation for them, some succeeded in hutting themselves most comfortably.

The castle now furnishes barrack accommodation for troops, and serves as a depôt.