Barrages [noun]

Definition of Barrages:

weapon fire

Synonyms of Barrages:

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Sentence/Example of Barrages:

Si le barrage des Dardanelles n'était pas brisé, il serait tourné.

Behind that cloud of gas the German troops advanced, protected by a heavy barrage and intense machine-gun fire.

The English boys fought and force-marched and fought again their terrible way through the barrage to our aid.

At that moment, there was a sudden rushing overhead, and an instant later the barrage began falling beyond the crest of the ridge.

A project is on foot at present for a work of this nature, a barrage on the Nazas.

There were some places in the light‑barrage that were much less high than others.

Thirty-six of them were based on Corfu, and formed part of the barrage across the Straits of Otranto.

The thundering roar of the anti-aircraft barrage drowned out the rest.

Apparently its pilot had not noticed the battleship until the barrage of anti-aircraft fire had destroyed the first plane.

Rolling across the swamps came the sound of a thunderous anti-aircraft barrage from the Idaho.