Barraging [verb]

Definition of Barraging:

send off

Synonyms of Barraging:

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Sentence/Example of Barraging:

The process of assessing students for special education can be lengthy and often requires a barrage of assessments, including classroom observations, a psychological evaluation and academic tests.

Sony, facing an apparent barrage of refund requests, has since announced that the game will be delisted from the PlayStation store.

A group of gig drivers sued last week for up to $260 million in penalties, alleging the company violated their employment rights with a “constant barrage” of messages urging them to support the company’s position on the issue.

They hit district officials with a barrage of questions about equity.

The suit was filed more than three years ago and is part of a barrage of litigation over the last three decades that targeted Justice’s sprawling collection of coal mines, agricultural holdings and luxury resorts.

While a handful of advertisers have also extended their pauses to other platforms, including Twitter, the company largely escaped the recent barrage of negative headlines.

Targets various—mostly "barraging" Mametz Wood and ground immediately to the west of it.

The Germans were barraging the crest of the hill, with their universal-shell bursting high with black oily clouds.

They were barraging the ground about Loos fiercely and continuously.

The roar of the guns was louder than ever again, barraging the second line.