Barratries [noun]

Definition of Barratries:

violation of a law

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Sentence/Example of Barratries:

Still, amidst these facts, which seemed to point pretty clearly to a case of barratry, there were serious difficulties.

In Scotland, barratry is the crime committed by a judge who is induced by bribery to pronounce judgment.

The instances of barratry and of common scolds, I believe, are the only exceptions.

Our legal term Barratry is derived from the medival Barrateria, which signified cheating or foul play.

But as yet there is nothing but his own raving to convict him of barratry.

If you so state, your insurance company will have no recourse but to ask your arrest on a charge of barratry.

If barratry is insured against, delay arising from barratrous conduct of master or crew does not avoid the policy.

The commencing of suits in the name of a fictitious plaintiff is common barratry.

He looked at barratry from every side, and the more he looked the less he seemed to like it.

For barratry and major sea-crimes, the penalty was death and dismemberment.