Barreled [verb]

Definition of Barreled:

move fast on foot

Synonyms of Barreled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Barreled:

Sentence/Example of Barreled:

"I was out at the gas pumps when a gray sedan barreled into the station and in onto the wash rack," the young man explained.

They got a double-barreled shot gun, a Sharp's rifle, and a revolver.

O for a big double-barreled hygrometer,To measure this moisture that rolls from my brow!

What seemed to be a staff at first glance, proved to be a long-barreled rifle.

This was the 'spirit-house,' used for the storage of the spirits of turpentine when barreled for market, and awaiting shipment.

Some of his enemies, however, were hidden behind a pile of lumber, and one of them fired a double-barreled gun.

Therefore, deeming themselves wise, Derry and Peter fled, leaving the dog and a double-barreled shotgun as safeguards.

She reached one hand under the pillow and drew out a short-barreled, stubby revolver and extended it to him.

They were pointing ahead, and one of the officers put a double-barreled glass to his eyes and stared ahead.

The result of upholding any double-barreled policy of this type is described by the Edinburgh Review as impossible of realization.