Barrelled [verb]

Definition of Barrelled:

move fast on foot

Synonyms of Barrelled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Barrelled:

Sentence/Example of Barrelled:

In the evening, crossed the glassy bay and motored to pay a double-barrelled visit to the Military and Civil Governors.

Oscard immediately went to his tent and came out with his short-barrelled, evil-looking rifle on his arm.

The tenderfoot carried two short-barrelled Colt's revolvers, one of which he presented directly at Black Hank.

He took with him his usual two-barrelled gun, a supply of cartridges, and some biscuits and other provisions.

Nat himself intended to carry only his sword, and a double-barrelled pistol in his belt.

He took to carrying one of the thick-barrelled stun-pistols always, now.

This was the sportsman's double-barrelled gun, leant there against a tree.

He usually carried a double-barrelled gun over his shoulder, and a powder-horn and bullet-bag were slung round his neck.

Two could be the same thing, provided the man was using a double barrelled shotgun, such as is used in hunting birds.

And, making a rapid skip inside, he reappeared in a moment with a long-barrelled revolver.