Barrels [noun]

Definition of Barrels:

cylindrical container

Synonyms of Barrels:

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Sentence/Example of Barrels:

Upon harvest, the bags of mycelium were extracted in large barrels full of alcohol to produce the cure for the bees.

Both Rystad Energy and Wood Mackenzie, the Edinburgh-based energy consultancy, put the break-even price for existing oil-sands production at around $45 per barrel, with some projects able to keep the lights on in the $20 to $30 range.

Since those averages are currently only recorded through June 2020, revenue calculations for 2020 averaged oil barrel prices for the first six months of the year.

The tubs are made of a strong, lightweight plastic, much like the standard food barrels you get from outfitters, only smaller.

Typewriter factories were converted to produce rifle barrels, while those that couldn’t went on making typewriters exclusively for the government.

Prices for benchmark crude now seem stuck around $40 per barrel—which, perhaps not coincidentally, is low enough to deprive most US shale oil frackers of profits while keeping producers overseas afloat.

One hundred to the right barrel—nothing left for the second barrel!

It wasn't any scruple of mercy, for Hicks was as cold-blooded a brute as ever glanced down a gun-barrel.

A Laplander who cannot get Tobacco sucks chips of a barrel or pieces of anything else which has contained it.

In the fall the barrel of his rifle had been so covered with dead leaves and dust that he could not take aim.