Barrens [noun]

Definition of Barrens:

land that is uncultivated

Synonyms of Barrens:

Opposite/Antonyms of Barrens:

Sentence/Example of Barrens:

Everywhere the small man has been forced to retire into forests, deserts, and icy barrens before the taller and stronger man.

Unproductive wastes, sandy barrens, and useless underbrush now greet the eye.

We see him emerging upon the Kentucky barrens which were covered with vegetation and open for the sweep of the eye.

It is supposed that the pine barrens towards Texas, if explored, would add to the number.

From this appearance it was inferred that the soil was of inferior quality, and these tracts were denominated "barrens."

The term "barrens" is now applied extensively in the West to the same description of country.

Probably one half of the earth's surface, in a state of nature, was prairies or barrens.

Like all other tracts of country, the barrens present a considerable diversity of soil.

The north-west part chiefly prairies and barrens, including the large and fertile prairies of Portage and Terre Coupe.

Wherever timber barely sufficient for present purposes can be found, a person need not hesitate to settle in the barrens.