Barricading [noun]

Definition of Barricading:

blocking object

Synonyms of Barricading:

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Sentence/Example of Barricading:

Across the middle of the cage a stout barricade has been erected, and behind the barricade sits the Master, pale but defiant.

The besiegers forced the advance barricade, burned the drawbridge, and fired the gate.

Then she issued her commands to the men, and fiercely she bade them pull down that barricade and take the dog alive.

He would go alone if he must; no barricade of unearthly beasts could hold him from the great adventure.

First there was to be seen the city itself, nestled beyond its barricade of levees.

Surely the doctrines of Christianity would stand like a barricade against this monstrous cult.

Colonel Morgan charged the barricade, his horses could not leap it, the militia stood resolutely, and he lost sixteen men.

The Dutch held the park in force, but could not penetrate into the Place Royale, which was defended by a strong barricade.

De St. Julien, bid the varlets and footmen place the baggage wagons round the camp, to make what barricade they may.

But the artisans who follow him are 169 not invulnerable as he is; the grape-shot sweeps them down off the barricade.