Barriers [noun]

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From 2006 to 2012, a series of storms broke through the dune barriers.

He’s tearing down barriers and making sure we have a safe, effective vaccine in record time.

The purpose would be to first build an immunity barrier among special groups in the population.

Military airplanes that can accelerate through the sound barrier are relatively common.

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla on Wednesday reiterated his optimistic view that the company’s experimental coronavirus vaccine is a strong contender and may potentially cross key barriers on the way to the public by the fall.

In doing so, we put a more or less insurmountable barrier between us and pretty much everyone else.

If figuring out what to eat is your barrier to entry, just pack a can of SpaghettiOs or a takeout salad.

Families have generally been receptive to receiving treatment, though sometimes they have barriers, like transportation to and from providers, if they don’t have a car.

“This is another barrier that gets thrown up in people’s way, hoping they’ll go away,” Plotnick said.

Three in four millennial and Gen Z individuals who identify as women say that the lack of access to affordable childcare is a barrier to their professional success.