Barrios [noun]

Definition of Barrios:

area, neighborhood

Synonyms of Barrios:

Opposite/Antonyms of Barrios:

Sentence/Example of Barrios:

Father and mother and Fil have spoken to the Padre, and the barrio-elders; and everything is arranged.

The barrio-saint—really, the small statue of the patron saint of the village—was carried at the head of the procession.

Entre les plus importants est celui de Guichicovi que j'avais laiss ma droite en venant de la plaine de Xochiapa au Barrio.'

This is Quesada's native barrio, true; but he is no friend of Jacinto Quesada.

Father Sandoval, chaplain at the Hacienda del Barrio, was to a great extent the cause of this determination.

Doa Emilia spent a very dull life at the Hacienda del Barrio.

I am returning to the Hacienda del Barrio, to give a report of the mission confided to me, and which nearly cost me so dear.

An hour later the count and the hunter mounted, and started in the direction of the Hacienda del Barrio.

And loosening his bridle he galloped off in the direction of the Hacienda del Barrio.

Piang was glad that he had been in his mountain barrio during the tempest.