Barristers [noun]

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From the dinner they proceeded to another place or two; and on getting home, towards one in the morning, there was the barrister.

"I never had a letter in my life but I turned it over to make sure," observed the more careful barrister.

Here—stop and look—is the epitaph of one, a considerable fellow in his day, a barrister of the Middle Temple.

He sent the barrister into the drawing room, went upstairs for Anne, and brought her in on his arm.

To the barrister's surprise, a well-dressed and really rather gentlemanly man entered.

His younger brother Spencer, a man of parts and learning, was fast rising into practice as a barrister on the Home Circuit.

Another great merit of The Barrister is that he is closely associated with the word "brief."

It may be said that an earnest Barrister should be clean shaven, but the remark would only emanate from those who are bachelors.

I'm just the sort of brother to be a credit to a highly respectable young barrister like him.

There is a London barrister whose father belonged to the club.