Bars [noun]

Definition of Bars:

rod; straight length of material

Synonyms of Bars:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bars:

Sentence/Example of Bars:

Few foods occupy your mind without requiring your full focus quite like sunflower seedsI don’t remember my first string cheese or Kudos bar or Fig Newton, but for some reason, sunflower seeds and I have an origin story.

On Google-powered devices you can also swipe up from the bottom and hold to see recently used apps, or swipe left or right along the home bar at the foot of the display to quickly jump between open apps.

Finally, regulators and lawmakers should trust bars and restaurants to responsibly offer cocktails-to-go.

Of course, I still enjoyed being able to drink at a bar, but I recognized this custom was different now.

With its classic bar and varied rooms, the whole place is simply beguiling.

He continued protesting that he wasn’t drunk — he’d been late to the bars that night, and he’d only had two beers before they closed, he said.

The bar to pause a vaccine trial is generally low since participants are healthy and may never need the immunization they have volunteered to receive.

Playgrounds in the ’60s were bleak and unsafe, with little more than asphalt, seesaws, and monkey bars, Dattner says.

Masks are required when indoors at all facilities including bars and restaurants.

That said, restaurants and bars are struggling, and with a total lack of federal support, their only option is to fill seats, and use social media to do so.