Bartenders [noun]

Definition of Bartenders:

one who serves drinks at a bar

Synonyms of Bartenders:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bartenders:


Sentence/Example of Bartenders:

The second one pulled out a cannon and poked it at the bartender and told him to keep his britches on.

Bud called for whisky, and helped himself twice from the bottle which the bartender placed between them.

He handed the bartender a ten-dollar bill and got a kind of wry pleasure out of seeing the picture of Dionysus on its face.

He was on the point of addressing some remarks to the bartender, when the little round orator cut in with an energy quite amazing.

His idea of God is a bartender that keeps setting out the drinks and never strikes you for the price.

The bartender set up his usual drink and with knowledge born of long experience, immediately began the preparation of a second.

Reggie finished his drink and when the bartender set another before him he glanced again toward the end of the bar.

The bartender had a consolation boilermaker waiting; he gulped half of it before he realized it had been needled with ether.

Bohunks, said the bartender with a contemptuous jerk of the head.

Big Jim, the bartender, was the only one I knew; he had a bung-starter in his hand.