Bartered [verb]

Definition of Bartered:

trade goods or services

Synonyms of Bartered:

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Sentence/Example of Bartered:

A factor is employed to sell goods, and not to barter or exchange them, and if he should do this his principal could recover them.

On that occasion her excellent business judgment and her powers of barter had attracted him strongly.

Barter was common, and there must have been facilities for the distribution of those goods which had their origin in Gaul.

He caught my child up like a common street wench, a thing of sale and barter.

It was doubtless precisely because she distained certain forms of feminine barter that she got so much for nothing.

I would not barter one hour of such thoughts—chimerical though they may be—for ten years of this vapid, surface life.

So the girl went and looking, saw one crying out, "Ho, who will barter an old lamp for a new lamp?"

Natives from far and near came to barter for the stone with shells, and ornaments which these inland tribes did not possess.

Look at it in what era you will, the barter in ardent spirits constitutes a prominent feature.

However, friendly relations were formed, followed by barter.