Bas [noun]

Definition of Bas:

undergraduate degree

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Sentence/Example of Bas:

The sarcophagus of Junius Bassus exhibits a bas relief of Job comforted by his friends.

In the accompanying engraving, from a mutilated bas-relief in the Lateran Museum, this scene is exhibited.

The pedestal of this clock represented in bas-relief the birth of astronomy on the Egyptian plains.

The principal bas-relief is a huge square panel, graven on the face of a rock bastion which immediately overhangs the stream.

Here a sort of panel, cut square, and covered with round embossments in various positions, simulated a vague bas-relief.

For there are still sacred trees in this country—as there were in the days when the bas-reliefs of Nineveh were carved.

One of several copies of an original bas-relief referred by Collignon to the second half of 5th century B. C.

It is with this procession that the bas-relief of our picture is connected, as we shall presently see.

The Panathenaic procession is the subject carried the entire length of this bas-relief decoration.

The lower part is panelled, each panel having two heads carved in bas-relief.