Basalts [noun]

Definition of Basalts:

volcano matter

Synonyms of Basalts:

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Sentence/Example of Basalts:

Here there are many craters and much basalt, or even lava; also hot springs.

The whole is built of basalt with yellow marble columns, and yellow marble bands here and there.

They had also said something about pot holes like shafts in the basalt.

Then she rose up and passing amongst them as a friend amongst friends came towards the caves in the basalt cliffs.

There was no getting round that drop, it was a basalt step that circled the whole Lizard Point on its seaward side.

The first full blow of a wave hit the basalt below them with a heart-sickening thud; then miles of stricken cliff began to boom.

Its arena is an immense sheet of black basalt, furrowed here and there by torrents of yellow sand.

The bluffs at this place exceed one thousand feet in height; they are of basalt.

Vancouver, exploring this region long ago, is credited with the discovery of this strange grove of granite and basalt monuments.

The falls are at the head of tidewater and flow over a black basalt cliff.