Basely [adverb]

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It’s a few minutes’ walk from the Willow Tail Lot—where RVs are allowed to park for up to three nights—to the base lodge at Whitefish Mountain Resort, in Montana.

The San Francisco-based company in its filing Wednesday listed the size of the offering as $100 million, a placeholder that will likely change.

It’s what famously made life difficult for gamemaker Zynga, which early on made much of its games based on Facebook’s network.

By now, the virtues of subscription-based businesses are well known.

Both the Moderna and the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines are based on messenger RNA, a new type of vaccine technology that is able to be deployed very quickly.

He claimed that the bias is because employees of both California-based companies are mostly liberals.

That did not play out as Kohl’s had hoped, though Gass notes the category grew 40% in the past five years from a small base.

Both the Moderna vaccine and Pfizer’s are based on mRNA technology designed to transform the body’s own cells into vaccine making factories.

FDA gave the first authorization to Quidel on May 8 based on data from 209 positive and negative samples.

Likewise, in 2020, survey research shouldn’t be “canceled” given its importance in guiding evidence-based decision-making.