Basements [noun]

Definition of Basements:

room on lower floor of building

Synonyms of Basements:

Opposite/Antonyms of Basements:


Sentence/Example of Basements:

On the other hand, it’s also obvious that the pandemic has sent them into a basement where they won’t stay for long.

Another seller in Arlington did $24,000 of work over a six-month period, including finishing a partially finished basement, and netted $65,000 over asking price and $115,000 over the comparable homes.

You’d rather not risk itIt’s easy to disregard the notion of paranormal activity in broad daylight, but everything changes when you head into a dark basement.

So, if you’re planning on storing wines for a year or more, it’s best to put them in a designated location with consistent temperature, such as a deep basement or wine fridge, where they’re out of the way.

You don’t really question the ways it goes from Walter trying to figure out what to do about one drug dealer he has tied up in his basement to Walter using a car key fob to trigger a trunk-mounted machine gun that will destroy his enemies.

For example, instead of your poop going all the way from your apartment building through miles of sewer pipes, it might just go down to the basement.