Basest [adjective]

Definition of Basest:

vulgar, low

Synonyms of Basest:

Opposite/Antonyms of Basest:

Sentence/Example of Basest:

Planner, in these three words, could only read—ingratitude—the basest it had ever been his lot to meet.

It was then the badge of infamy and sign of shame—the punishment of the basest of slaves and the vilest of malefactors.

The deuce fly away with literature, for the basest sport in creation.

Those faithful soldiers—he must show his gratitude to them; he had forgotten them in the basest manner.

In a word, he did rip up all that could be said that was unworthy, and in the basest terms they could be spoken in.

That the Pope is glad to yield to a peace with the French (as the newes-book says), upon the basest terms that ever was.

Shame upon thee, thou basest of all womankind, Thou now hast obtained the great wish of thy mind.

By openly parading his pursuit of breakers of the law, he secured secretly his opportunity to excel their basest actions.

This infamous magician, the basest of men, was the sole cause of my misfortune.

Would he not be the basest of men if he did not save his country at any cost?