Bashed [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Bashed:

In 2022, at the big brunch bash you’ve cooked for all your friends, you probably won’t want to serve bowls of grayish oatmeal speckled with chia seeds and chunky peanut butter.

We had a bash at creating a guide to what’s in and what’s out when it comes to office spaces, workplace culture and more.

Instead of a big office bash, Vox Media and BuzzFeed will both host smaller, team-specific gatherings on Zoom.

Here's Bo's'n, he's bashed in his skipper's skull and cut and run for it.

Long Kirby selected a small man in the crowd, and bashed his hat down over his eyes.

It don't seem to matter, like, just getting bashed in the mouth—not if your chin's all right.

Off your feet, till you bashed your crown against the hard fact of orthodox opinion.

It was puzzling, but it could have explained why Ned was lying slumped on the sand with a bashed-in skull.

His clothes were running with water, his hat was bashed in, as soft as a piece of rag, and dripping like a thatched roof.

The beast's skull bashed in easily, being merely thin bones for a thin atmosphere and light gravitation.