Bashes [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Bashes:

Mother: "I don't care wot yer do so long as yer don't bash 'er abaht the 'ead."

Next morning, when Bash Tchelik left the cave, the prince came and learned the secret from his wife.

So perished Bash Tchelik, and thus did the prince finally regain his beloved and loyal wife.

The prince thankfully took the feather and started once more in pursuit of Bash Tchelik.

Thereupon Bash Tchelik disappeared with the princess, and her husband remained to wonder what he should do next.

No sooner had they left the cavern than Bash Tchelik heard of their departure and hurried after them.

But Bash Tchelik again learnt of their departure quickly, and in a short time reached them again.

The prince tried his luck yet a third time, and, being again caught by Bash Tchelik, once more implored to be pardoned.

When Bash Tchelik returned home the princess began again to ask him to tell the secret of his strength.

But growing impatient he growled, "Look 'ere, giv us the price of a drink, er I'll bash yer jor in."