Bashfully [adverb]

Definition of Bashfully:

in a modest manner

Synonyms of Bashfully:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bashfully:

Sentence/Example of Bashfully:

Sarah bashfully welcomed Skipper Worse, who patted her on the head; he had known her ever since she was a small child.

And so Jess Morse stepped forward, modestly, bashfully, and faced the great audience.

But it was only Ben, the hired man, who thrust his face bashfully around the edge of the door.

They bashfully sat down at some distance from our fire, and for a time did nothing but giggle and look shy.

"The lawyer said the islands were worth hundreds of thousands," Tessie murmured bashfully.

Kasper looked down bashfully and blushed; he seemed to enjoy his master's praises.

"Pray be seated, young masters," said the dame, as Gretel bashfully thrust a stool toward them.

Punctually at eight o'clock he would step hesitatingly before the audience, and rubbing his hands bashfully, commence the lecture.

I remark somewhat bashfully, (p. 376) for indeed the pictures are hardly all of them pleasing to the uninitiated.

Thereupon she replied bashfully unto those foremost of celestials, "Know me as Saryati's daughter, and Chyavana's wife."