Bashings [noun]

Definition of Bashings:

abuse against a group or individual based on identity or ideological beliefs

Synonyms of Bashings:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bashings:

Sentence/Example of Bashings:

But his resistance should be secret and not open, for a while; there should be no more "bashing" than was absolutely necessary.

A few seconds later, I tripped over a steel staircase, bashing my shins.

Nick continued to ponder the strange men and the woman he was coming home to, but it was like bashing his head against a wall.

I was given post at the gates, where for ten minutes my fellows was kept pretty busy bashing 'em and throwing 'em out.

What a terrible thing, if Bert had found out you was in there and put him up to bashing your face.

In a second Harve had him tripped and thrown and was down on him bashing in his face for him.

Bashing her dolls' heads was, with this baby, a preliminary to loving them.

It was a crashing-bashing-rashing-smashing sort of a noise, and Jacko began to be afraid, thinking it might be the burglar fox.

There would be less booze and bashing, fewer drabs and drinking-shops.

Honest to God, when you gas like that I feel like bashing in your brain, if you've got any!