Basics [noun]

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It is hovering on the borders of a region containing this planet we are to land on—a region operating on other basics.

In some way both sets of basics operate in either conflict or compromise.

With the new basics it does just that—except that it is still just one car, and yet never was just one car and never will be.

This Nation will not go back to the days of simply shuffling children along from grade to grade without them learning the basics.

That was one of the basics they had lost, years ago—their belief that life would arise on any planet capable of supporting it.

He acted them without thinking; they were prime basics in that which made Conway Costigan what he was.

But you have to get the logical basics straight first, before you can set up your equations.

Parents have a right to know whether their children are mastering the basics.

Great back-to-the-land classic explains basics of self-sufficient farming.

One of the elementary basics of science is that laboratory conditions may be varied to meet the necessities of the experiment.