Basilicas [noun]

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A stately basilica was erected over the entrance to the Catacomb, it is said in the time of Constantine.

This is situated near the basilica of St. Agnes, and overlies part of the Catacomb.

The Callevan Forum seems in general simpler than others, but its basilica is remarkably large.

The Duomo is a basilica with nave and double aisles , with 110a transept flanked with aisles, covered by a dome over the crossing.

It is of basilica form, with a nave and aisles flanked by sixteen columns of sandstone.

It is more like a catacomb than a basilica, for the world is buried deep in sorrows and fears.

So it followed that now, standing in the chequer-work of sunshine within the great basilica, self-congratulation awoke in her.

The early Christian churches were in the basilica form,—bearing a resemblance to the Roman courts of justice.

The child was sitting on the wall looking at the congregation streaming into the basilica of St. Mark.

The barbarians conveyed both you and her to the basilica that you might find a place of safety or at least a tomb.