Basing [verb]

Definition of Basing:

build plan or opinion on

Synonyms of Basing:

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Sentence/Example of Basing:

The on-site Mountain Market in the base area will have online ordering this winter, so you can request pickup for groceries or a six-pack of local lager.

However, it will still be many months before the vaccine is distributed to people who are not considered at “high risk” based on their job, age and underlying health conditions.

Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring continues to defend a state law that bans discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Cannon in 2017 pushed for legislation that would protect individuals from discrimination based on both sexual orientation and gender identity in public accommodations, housing and private or public employment.

“Your body is designed around short-term survival instincts, so when you have pain, you try to avoid it,” says Samuel Spinelli, a British Columbia–based physical therapist, trainer, and cofounder of E3 Rehab.

While growth has been from a small base, Verizon Media Group’s commerce revenues are up more than 250% year over year through November, said Joanna Lambert, Verizon Media Group’s head of consumer revenue, though she would not provide hard numbers.

In the lab, you can estimate the energy you’re burning based on how much oxygen you consume.

That project has played a key role in the sustained subscriber growth that the Dallas Morning News has seen over the past six months — the paper’s subscriber base has grown 39% year over year in each of the past two quarters.

At the start of the pandemic, the FDA authorized PCR tests based on as few as 60 samples because it was difficult to find confirmed cases.

Andrey Zarur is CEO of GreenLight Biosciences, a Boston-based RNA research, development, and manufacturing company.