Basins [noun]

Definition of Basins:

container or area where water is held

Synonyms of Basins:

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Sentence/Example of Basins:

Small ponds and lakes then replaced larger lake basins at a time when rainfall became inconsistent.

The state was home to the test of the first atomic bomb in 1945, which is thought to have caused many cancers and other health problems throughout the basin range that was downwind from the test site.

Continuing to monitor these sites and comparing the records with data from devices in other ocean basins may help to clarify matters.

Our current naming system is run by the World Meteorological Organization, which keeps a list of names to cycle through in each storm basin.

Around Mercury’s north and south poles, there are dozens of craters and basins that create permanent shadows.

The new harbor – known as Portus, had its own lighthouse, while the freshly dug basin made it easier for the larger ships to be sheltered by the inward banks.

The last three years I've been in the Judith Basin, and southern outfits haven't begun to come in there yet.

When used by gentlemen it was common to carry a silver basin to spit in.

She peeped out at him two or three times as she stood washing herself in the little basin between the windows.

On the wash-stand a spangled white tulle hat lay drowning in a basin half full of water.