Basked [verb]

Definition of Basked:

lie in sunlight

Synonyms of Basked:

Opposite/Antonyms of Basked:



Sentence/Example of Basked:

By predilection he basked in a Court, where simultaneously he could adore its mistress and help to sway her sceptre.

Ponds of open water, by which basked a few Weddell seals, became a familiar sight.

Proteus had charge of the great flock of sea-calves which fed on the soft seaweed and basked in the warm sands near his cave.

The cuckoo haunted the Hall gardens, rabbits basked in the glades, and the woods were alive with singing birds.

The Baron and Baroness de Grillres basked in the delight of hearing themselves praised from the pulpit.

I once more enjoyed the society of my family, and basked in the smiles of my beloved cousin.

Mr. Dennis treated her with a very real courtesy and basked in her perfect housekeeping.

They basked in the sun; they were busy with sport, fretted by no cares; kind words directed them.

Reading, talking, building castles which reached into the heavens, these two basked in the warm light of a perfect love.

The last autumn flowers in the window basked brightly in the last of the autumn sunlight.