Baskets [noun]

Definition of Baskets:

woven container

Synonyms of Baskets:

Opposite/Antonyms of Baskets:


Sentence/Example of Baskets:

It comes with a capacity for a six-place setting plus a cutlery basket.

The 2013-14 Spurs beat LeBron’s Miami Heat via a kind of basketball hivemind, and the pre-Durant Warriors played similarly, just 10 extra feet from the basket.

Once they manage to push him farther away from the basket, the Celtics do absolutely everything they can to ignore the non-shooters.

In a supermarket, you could ogle the meat and produce yourself, even handle it, and then put it in your basket.

Remember, the researchers looked at a whole basket of social connections — all of which, by the way, can be measured more tangibly than loneliness.

Here there was a scuffling sound in the basket, and the Roc rapped on the cover with her hard beak, and cried, "Hush!"

About her neck was hung a covered basket and a door-key; and Davy at once concluded that she was Sindbad's house-keeper.

Then the croupier tears open two packets of new cards, flinging the old ones into a waste-paper basket at his side.

When the days were fine, Jean in his basket assisted at the dramatic performance in the market-place.

Below the round thing hung a square basket, with many ropes, and other things, fast to it.